K let's get started..
What we will be learning is designing a professional website lyk any other websites in one hour, dats depending on how dedicated u are.

Lyk i said u will need some Internet connection.. So Wat u will need to do is download some softwares dat will get u starting.
So first tool u will need
1. Wamp server or xampp server.. Y need dis software , it's simple this softwares enables u to view and monitor the progress of ur website localy [offline] without Internet connection ..to download type xampp or wamp server download on Google and u get site to download it..

2. The main software [WordPress] I guess someone must av hard of dat software.. I bet u it's really nice, lyk I mean its great . To download go to www.wordpress.org. It's a zip file

~ Now that u av downloaded both i.e the {xampp server and WordPress} softwares now, u will install the xampp server or wamp server on ur pc, after dat lunch the software and u will see..

For xammp


Start both service .. When it starts den we ar good to go