My fellow guys in the house, i saw this piece of article and i found it very interesting and i want to share with you all, read and enjoy every piece of it.

You took the girl 👧 you want to marry 💏 home 🏡to see your parents 👪and she didn't drink the water 💦 bcoz she was served with plastic cup🍻😏 and she went straight to your car 🚗 to get a bottled water instead..
She refused to use the Shabby-looking toilet 🚽they are managing because she feared 😱 infection and also complained so much about heat 🔥 that you had to move to a hotel 🏩 the next day😒😒
Your Parents got angry 😡 over her conduct,convinced you that she is not a wife material 😏😏😐 You agreed with them and started staying away from her...
You get money 💵 to chase women👩,buy car and lodge in a hotel 🏩 But you can't renovate your parent's house🏡 and improve their living standard..
There is something called STANDARD 😊 and you don't expect a woman 👩 who has planned her life very well and worked so much to get to where she is and you ask her to come and eat 'shit' because you want to marry her😥😏😣
That's Impossible!!
Charity Begins at Home 🏡
My Brother!! You Need to ask yourself first if you are a husband material😂😂😂
I hope every guy here understands this and take a bold step
Don't just be a SOCIAL NETWORK Nigga popping champagne bottles, snapping in hotels🏠,🙅💃.... Try and spend most of your funds on your family bcos friends come and go,girlfriends come and go but family stays forever👪👪...... #WORD🚶🚶🚶

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