Mtn Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details 887

MTN is a South African multinational telecommunication network. It has so many affiliates in the world including Nigeria.

In this post, I'll tell you how to contact MTN customer care in Nigeria, in case you are finding it difficult to contact them. 


To contact MTN customer care, you must first have the knowledge of their contact number before thinking of any other means of contacting them. So many Nigerians don't know this number talk more of other means of contacting them.

You can contact MTN Nigeria in the following ways;

1. Using their contact number
The MTN Nigeria customer care number is 180. Just dial 180 and follow the available instructions. Ensure that you are using an MTN line to do make this call.

2. Using their e-mail and website address
Using e-mail is another means of contacting MTN Nigeria customer care line. The e-mail address of MTN Nigeria customer care is

You can also visit their website for more information @